2019 Restaurant
Trend Report:
Everything You
Need to Know
Before Choosing
New technology
has become the key
ingredient for success
in the restaurant
Tablet menus, tableside ordering, and the increased
reliance on advanced analytics for everything from
growing sales to better management of inventory are just
a few ways that technology has been broadly adopted by
the restaurant industry.
In today’s fast-paced and tech-savvy digital age, a point of
sale system that matches your needs isn’t only essential
for the practical nuts and bolts of running your restaurant
(e.g. inventory, accounting), it can also be the catalyst for
success or failure.
Restaurant operators are taking the
reins and becoming more involved
in selecting their technology. More
than 50% of them are testing and
solutions for 2019 and beyond.
The most effective
and beneficial way to
maximize operations
A POS system is no longer a few hardware and software
components for processing credit and cash transactions.
It’s not only where your employees will physically run
payments from customers, it’s also where you’ll track and
order inventory, track sales, build employee schedules, do
payroll, generate gift cards and much more - depending
on your restaurant’s needs.
Benefits of a POS system:
One stop shop
Shift scheduling
Online ordering
Gift card
The 3 biggest tech
trends for restaurants:
A more tailored, customized, and
personal dining experience is
something that customers will not
only have a higher demand for, but
more and more inherently expect as
part of their restaurant visit.
New payment options + Mobile POS*:
Providing customers with frictionless ways to pay -
wherever and however they want
Restaurant visits paid via mobile app grew by 50 percent
from 2017 to 2018
80% of businesses that implement a mobile POS report an
increase in their sales.
*Mobile payment adoption at restaurants has proven to
be most successful when tied directly with a loyalty or
rewards program.
Advanced analytics:
Using data to predict trends and better understand your
“Data analytics is extremely
important to our business. It lets us
know exactly what our customers are
ordering and what they’re coming
back for. We don’t need to guess
what they want - they’re letting
us know. And it has influenced
everything from menu creation to
purchasing to the way we market
ourselves on social media”
-Dave Hill, Hill Tavern, Raleigh, N.C.
Customer retention:
Loyalty tools + Rewards programs:
Engage, reward and retain your customers so they keep
coming back.
Loyal regulars spend 67% more at restaurants than new
guests do.
Making the right
Choosing the right POS system requires knowing what
your restaurant’s needs are.
Since the most critical aspect
for a POS is the rapid pace of
technological advancement,
restaurant operators should be
looking for a restaurant system with
continuous updates, new features
and add-ons.
Some questions you should be asking
• Do I need hardware for a single location or multiple?
• Do I want my servers to have handheld devices such as
tablets and ipads?
• Do I prefer working with iOs or Android?
• Am I interested in extra features such as menu design
or gift card generation?
• Are system integrations with QuickBooks, eCommerce,
MailChimp, PayPal or Facebook important to me?
• How in-depth do I want to be able to track my
customers’ behavior/choices?
Every POS system will offer software with
the basic inventory and reporting features
that make these systems essential for
every business.
To get the best return on the money you’re investing in
your POS system, however, you need to determine which
features are worth it for your restaurant. For example, do
you need the integrations mentioned above?
Along with features, it’s important to know what kind of
technical support the vendor you purchase your system
from offers. You want to make sure that you’ll be working
closely with a support team that will ensure your transition
to a new system goes smoothly. Always ask question.
Does the POS provider offer onsite training? How are their
service license agreements rated?
The most trusted POS systems offer free trials and you’ll
have ample time to find out if the system works for you.
Take advantage of these trials. Don’t feel committed, it’s
extremely important that you take a new system out for a
“test-drive” before making any purchase.
Devices, such as tablets and iPads, aren’t
only about aesthetics.
They also improve the workflow in your restaurant and
help your staff avoid the most common errors that waiters
make then relying solely on their memory or pen and
The size and type of your restaurant
or cafe should determine what type of
hardware you need.
If you’re a small cafe or food truck, you may only need
a tablet, card reader, and cash box. If you have a larger
full-service restaurant, you may need terminals, receipt
printers, barcode scanners for inventory, or more.
Questions to ask when choosing POS
• How many devices do I need?
• Do I want to work with iOs or Android hardware?
• Do I want to use touch screens?
• Do I need barcode scanners for inventory?
• Do I need a label printer?
Supports both iOs
vs Android
10+ years experience
in the POS marke
24/7 support
Split checks
Table organization
Best in-depth
Gift Cards
Free Trial