Techstorm Review


Techstorm is a cloud-based POS system which is aimed at smaller retailers. It has a competitive and contract free monthly pricing plan, with great payment processing options like allowing you to take sales through your Android phone. Accounting integration, marketing tools and robust reporting create a simple but effective Point of Sale solution. 

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Techstorm POS software gives your business more than just an easy way to take payments. You can manage your inventory at a glance, keeping track of pricing and quantities so you know when to restock. You will receive daily email alerts about your inventory so that you never get caught low on a best-seller. Increase sales with loyalty and reward schemes. Spot trends in your business by utilizing powerful analytics and reports on sales and inventory, and then email your customers to promote new business and zero in on your most popular items.

Techstorm has a custom TShop feature which shows your products when local customers are shopping online. Employee management is also taken care of, with shift tracking as well as payroll processing. 

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Ease of Use: 

Everything about Techstorm shows simplicity. The dashboard is a simple interface with just a few buttons for transactions, items, customer information and reporting.

Cloud integration means you can access your business information anywhere, so that you can manage your business needs even when you aren’t in the store. On top of this, accounting integration with QuickBooks saves time and ensures accurate finances.

Customer Support:

Customer support is minimal. Techstorm doesn’t have a ticket system or a live chat option on their website, and they simply advise you to call directly if you have any questions about sales or functionality. The website could benefit from a FAQ section, or a knowledgebase. 

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Pricing and Payment Processing: 

Techstorm offers one of the most competitive POS price plans on the market. They have only two fixed fees, which are a PCI compliance security fee and a competitive monthly account fee. You will need to call for a fixed quote for your business. Techstorm clients can take advantage of cost plus pricing through Visa, Mastercard and Discover interchange.

For your own customers, you can offer a range of payment options with Techstorm. Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX and gift cards are all accepted. If you integrate the POS with Techstorm hardware, you can also take chip cards and mobile payments. Using the mobile app, you can use your Android phone to take payments on the go. 

Contract Terms:

Techstorm has competitive terms and conditions. There are no set up, termination, annual or IRS reporting fees. They are an all in one solution, offering a hardware bundle which includes tablet, tablet holder, TS2 Card reader, printer, cash drawer and barcode scanner. 

Bottom Line: 

They could offer more information right off the bat on their website regarding pricing, features and contract terms. Techstorm, though, is a simple cloud based POS solution for retailers, offering competitive pricing, easy to use software and powerful hardware integration. A basic but powerful alternative to a traditional cash register for small businesses.

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